wedding day questionnaire

No two weddings are the same so it is important for me to have as much information about your big day as possible, so that everything you want is captured! Please take the time to answer the following questions so that your needs are met and I can do my job properly :)

All of this information is important for me to have but it is paramount that I have timings, a schedule and the names of the people in your group shots.

Thank you so much! :)

Date of Wedding *
Date of Wedding
(usually an hour before getting ready)
(or someone who will be with her)
(if applicable)
(or someone who will be with him)
(Names of Maid of Honour, Best Man, Ushers, both sets of Parents, Siblings and Children or anyone else super important)
(fall outs, people not talking to eachother, etc)
ceremony info
(religious, civil, formal, informal...)
(I have to ask this, I will explain!)
(in the daytime and then in the evening)
reception info
(if different)
photoshoot info
PLEASE READ: I recommend you could keep the list of group shots to a maximum of 8 groups as this will save YOU time on the day so you can ENJOY more time with your new Husband/Wife and loved ones. A group photo of everybody at the wedding will take up to 10-15 mins to organise/capture and each family group shot will take around 3-4 minutes to organise/capture, so keeping the amount down keeps the time down to around 20-40 mins. I also recommend you choose groups that YOU or CLOSE FAMILY are going to have printed or look at! Please write down the NAMES of each person in each group shot as this will save you/your ushers time on the day. I will always shoot more casual friend group shots during the turn around time or if you ask me later on during the day!
I recommend setting aside 20-30 minutes for this and we can create magic!
evening info
(such as special locations for pictures, sparklers, smoke bombs, suprises, evening entertainment?)
anything I need to know?
the rest of the wedding team!
I would love to know who else you have on board for your wedding so I can praise them to the high heavens on social media!

my tips for getting the most out of your photography

  • In order to allow for a private photo session of the bride and groom, I will need at least half an hour of your time alone. Wedding days go by in a flash so making time for portraits is paramount and it will also be nice for you both to enjoy some alone time on the day away from your guests! This time can be split into two 15 minute sessions to make use of the different types of light during the day; possibly one session in the early afternoon during your cocktail hour and then another at golden hour (just before the sun is setting and we get that gorgeous orange sunlight! Of course it needs to be a clear day for this.)

  • I will visit your wedding venue/s before the day (possibly even with you) so that I can help to plan out where best to photograph yourselves and your guests, however if you have any ideas in your head about this please do share with me!

  • I highly recommend getting confetti (a lot of it) and making sure we take a confetti shot after the ceremony (of course only if this is allowed at the venue, if not we can do it elsewhere!) It always makes for such a fun time and gets creates great photos.

  • Please ensure the presence of all required family members and friends at the group photo times. I will of course be able to help organise this but it would be a good idea to enlist the help of a groomsman/usher/someone who knows the people/someone with a loud voice to help me gather the groups together. Plan for about 5 minutes per photo for shots with less than 10 people and 10 minutes for shots with more than 10 people and if you can please let these people know prior to the wedding date that they’ll be needed for formal photos.

  • I will of course be there with my second photographer (if you have chosen to have a second shooter) capturing every part of the day but please do let me know if there are any specific shots you really want me to capture of the day!

  • Do not worry about having your photo taken. Trust me just concentrate on having FUN and you will look great!!!  

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire, it really helps me to understand your needs and the order of the day. Once we have gone over this information, I may contact you with comments, questions and suggestions.

Sophie x