In my opinion, there is nothing better than having printed photos. Hanging them up on your wall, in gold frames, sticking them on with blue tack or putting them in an album making you feel nostalgic and forever reminding you of good times in your life whenever you look at them.

While digital is absolutely fantastic for sharing your photos with your friends and family quickly and easily after your wedding day, having all your photographs printed in an album means you have something tangible to actually hold and look at in 5,10 or 30 years time when you want to share them with your children or you simply want a trip down memory lane.

gorgeous wedding albums

I absolutely love creating these photo books for my clients, aiming to tell the story of the day with a selection of your favourite images and I offer the highest quality albums with either leather, faux leather or linen covers in a range of beautiful colours to suit you. I only offer one size which is 10x10” as I believe this is a perfect coffee table sized book which can also fit snuggly onto a book shelf. The standard book comes with 35 flat lay pages which means it will fit up to 80-100 images in varying sizes across the pages, which you can either choose yourself or let me choose. You also have the option to go up to 50 pages.

35 flat lay pages (80-100 images)
Each additional page (£10)
Available in a range of colours and materials (colours vary between materials)
Personalised cover

Price: £500

Genuine Leather

Faux Leather