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Adventure seeker. Tequila lover. Romantic. Party girl. Voyeur of the world. Always thinking about food.

Wedding photography wasn’t something I always wanted to get into. In my mind it was boring, stuffy and too traditional for me but on my journey to get to where I am today I’ve learnt that, as in life, weddings are all about the people and much less about the formalities.

With me, you won’t be put in any cringey poses for traditional photos that don’t feel like you just ‘because’ and you’ll be taken back to your wedding day with natural, vibrant photos that capture the laughter, the hugs and the moments that document who you are at this time in your lives, not just the polished ‘wedding’ version of you.

Working from my own experience in front of the camera and with my informal approach, I am passionate about capturing your magic – your character, your silliness, your awkwardness and most of all your love for one another so you can just be you!

More about me

I’m all about adventure. Catch me at a music festival, underground rave, having pints at the pub, go karting, at the roller disco, jumping out of a plane, anywhere in the world – I LOVE to experience new things and probably suffer a bit from wanting to do everything, everywhere all at the same time!

Though I’ve always been a photographer, it was a 4 month backpacking adventure that inspired me to set up my own business upon return. I really value my freedom and now I can go on adventures whenever my schedule allows!

I’m constantly in awe of the world around me and the brilliant people and places within it. Even the mundanities of life inspire me – they’re beautiful too! Which is why I always try my best to give back by protecting our Earth as best I can. I’m a passionate recycler and waste-reducer, my housemates might say I’m militant about it but nothing leaves me in more anguish than thinking about the mess we’ve created as humans!

Above all else though, what I love most about life is people and I genuinely get inspiration from working with crazy in love couples who are up for creating beautiful, unique photographs to treasure forever in their homes.

 Love & connection motivates most of what I do in life now and I will likely cry at your wedding – happy tears of course!

“Sophie was fantastic from start to finish!”

– Amy & Lewis

My Style & Approach

My Style & Approach

I specialise in creating vibrant, timeless photography for couples who just want to have a good old time. I’m inspired by colours, design and patterns and my style is always fun, natural and creative but most of all it’s real.

When it comes to my work I’m interested in capturing the realness of everyday life, and while weddings don’t happen every day there are so many authentic life aspects that happen throughout a wedding in order to create a magical day. Imperfectly perfect moments I like to call them.

I take elements from fashion and documentary photography combined but always with a touch of humour. I am wholeheartedly a romantic and I love for that to shine through in my work but not in a cheesy way!

I’m a hugger. I will hug you!

  • London is my favourite city…so far and I live here with 3 lovely housemates and lots of houseplants on varying degrees of life/death.
  • I’ve recently taken up roller skating and salsa dancing as hobbies. Let’s see how that goes…
  • Pasta is my favourite food in the whole entire world – it’s just pure happiness to me.
  • I love a good party and getting stupid on the dancefloor just as much as I love laying on the sofa getting hooked on a good series and reading
  • I am an avid bargain hunter, if it’s on sale I’ll have it. I’m also a bit of a hoarder. Are you surprised?
  • I had no intention of becoming a wedding photographer.
  • People watching, reading fiction novels, pints in a sunny pub garden, spilling the tea with my friends, visiting weird and wonderful places with my family, cooking and music festivals are all things that make me happy!
  • I have a VERY expressive face.
  • I’ve now photographed well over 150 weddings in my 8 year career in this industry.
  • These days I am loving second hand shopping as it fuels my bargain hunting.
  • I LOVE Stargazing. A dream of mine is to go to some of the world’s Dark sky spots and just…gaze, how amazing would that be?!
  • I listen to a lot of podcasts about health and psychology. It’s fascinating! Why do we do the things we do, why do I do the things I do?
  • Chocolate and biscuits are my absolute kryptonite. Chocolate biscuits? Zero willpower!
  • I bloody love a power ballad!
  • My favourite films are Fight Club, Stardust and About time but I’m always looking for new film recommendations –  there are so many classics I’ve still not seen.
  • I’ve travelled to 25 countries, 2 of them being the USA and Portugal to photograph weddings!
  • I am infinitely grateful for this life I am lucky enough to have
  • I never leave the house without water or my headphones. Music + hydration are the keys to life in my opinion!

kind words

kind words

"You made the whole thing so easy."

“Olly and I thought you were fab – really nice company, no drama, great ideas for shots and amazingly prompt.

You made the whole thing so easy and were really grateful. I’d love to recommend you to everyone I know! X

– Claire & Olly

"The best decision we made for the whole day."

“Booking Sophie was probably the best decision we made for the whole day. We’ve received so many high-quality photographs that are absolutely stunning that it has been difficult to choose which ones to make into an album.

If you aren’t that comfortable having your picture taken (like me), just let Sophie know, and she will make you feel so relaxed!”

– Lucy & Brian

"I didn't know we could look so good!"

“Sophie, these are absolutely incredible. Like, I didn’t know we could look so good haha.

You captured the very essence of the day – we actually had to look at them in three installments because it was so emotional. Thank you”.

– Rebecca & Arthur

Capturing the real you

Oh and here’s a very awkward video of my face. If it entices you further and you’re compelled to get in touch then please use the button below to send me as much info about your wedding day plans as you can. I love reading about your story and when a new enquiry lands in my inbox, I always do a little happy dance, especially if I am available!