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Waaaayyyyy back in April 2019, Myself, Hannah & Greg spent a wonderful sunny morning eating Brunch and wandering around London’s incredible Kew Gardens for their complimentary engagement shoot with me ahead of their wedding day at Upwaltham Barns the following month! What can I say about these two? From the first few minutes of our Whatsapp video consultation I knew they were the absolute life and souls of the party! For starters they’re both freakin’ hilarious, do not take themselves too seriously at all and are absolutely, completely head over heels in love with each other. They first met at Church (no, not the religious kind, the day time night club kind which has sadly stopped running!) in fancy dress – I believe Greg had on a very orange fake tan and Hannah thought he might be gay… he’s not.

When we met up in Kew for Brunch at Antepodea I immediately felt like we had been friends for years as we chatted about how they had met, their wedding plans and families. When we finally got into Kew, they were up for everything I suggested, trusting me completely – “Hey, can you lay on the grass just here?” “Yeah!” “Okay, I really want to do a really close close up of your eyes!” “Sure!” etc, etc. My favourite kind of clients!!