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So far this year I have shot 15 beautiful weddings in London and Hertfordshire, 10 of which have been during this weird Covid-era, meaning they were weddings of only 4-30 people and what are now known as micro weddings! Cute name right?

 All of these celebrations, though they were teeny tiny in people mass, have been super charged with emotion I’ve never seen before! Probably because when you take away all the fluff of planning a big event, you realise it just comes down to the commitment you’re making and it’s a whole lot less stressful to just do the legal stuff with your closest people, plus all the stress and confusion from our Government on what we are and aren’t allowed to do, chopping and changing plans over and over again and then having the goal posts moved once more just makes for an even more emotional day when you finally get there.

Like most, Rebecca & Arthur had planned a bigger celebration with over 100 people but of course Covid-19 meant they had to downscale their September wedding. The Government guidelines at the time stated they were allowed 30 people at their wedding right up until a couple of days before when they were set to change back AGAIN to 15 guests only the following Monday! (SERIOUSLY?!?! Wtf?)

Anyway, I’m SO happy that they were able to squeeze in their absolutely stunning micro wedding with all the people they wanted with by their side to celebrate and that the weather was absolutely glorious for them. Rebecca’s Dad is the Vicar at the Church where they had their lovely service and luckily he also lives in the Vicarage just behind where everybody got ready and where they were able to set up a beautiful outdoor dinner table for 20 of their 30 guests for speeches and food served by Leon Catering!

Instead of downsizing their wedding cake too, R&A decided to serve it as their Canapé along with never ending Prosecco, teas and coffees during the drinks reception before we set off into the woods for their couple shoot and the guests were left with an incredibly cryptic treasure hunt to keep them occupied until we got back!


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