5 Tips on how to get the MOST out of your Engagement Shoot!

your couple shoot really doesn’t have to be as scary as you think it is!
“but i really hate having my photo taken!!” is something i hear from nearly every one of my couples and “i get really uncomfortable and super awkward in front of the camera” but trust me you don’t have to feel like this!

i include a 1 and a half hour pre wedding couple shoot in my full day wedding package because i know it’ll benefit you! in my opinion it’s the easiest and most enjoyable way to help you feel more relaxed in front of the lens and to also understand how i work and what i need from you in order to ready you for your photos on your big day. most photographers offer this as a chargeable extra on top of wedding photography but i absolutely love doing them - i see it as a wonderful opportunity for us all to have a laugh and get to know one another and at the end you’ll receive a whole gallery of fab portraits of you both!

here’s some tips on how to rock your engagement shoot!

  1. Pick a gorgeous, unique or personal location

first question is usually “where shall we do it?” and i always advise my couples to pick a location that is either special to them (perhaps somewhere you visit a lot, where you got engaged or where you first met) or i ask them to think about what they really love doing as a couple and what places reflect that. whether you love walking in the woods, exploring the urban city architecture, shopping for vinyl, nestling in your favourite coffee shop or chilling out at home, it doesn’t matter where we go. the bottom line is i want you guys to feel comfortable and able to freely express your happiness and love for each other!


2. Wear something you’re comfortable in

try and plan ahead what you’re going to wear - make sure it’s weather appropriate and something you’re super comfortable in as the more comfy you are, the more relaxed you’re going to feel and therefore look in your photos! also if you can, try to co ordinate your outfits a little bit and choose colours that complement each other well and your photos will look even better. (and no giant logos please!!)


3. RELAX - you look amazing!

more than likely i won’t be asking you to look at the camera for more than 10% of your couple shoot anyway so relax into it, be yourself and enjoy this moment with your husband/wife to be!! i’ll give you tips on the day on how to relax as well and you’ll walk away wondering why you ever worried about it in the first place!


4. Trust your photographer!

picking the right photographer for you is very important as i think it’s paramount you should get along. if you’ve picked a photographer already, chances are you really like them and their style, so you should absolutely trust them even if they’ve got a crazy idea you think is a bit weird like climbing a tree or lying in the mud (you don’t necessarily have to do it haha) but they know what they’re doing!


5. laugh and kiss!

if in doubt make each other laugh, get close and kiss! of course I will lead the way and tell you where i need you to stand and sometimes where to look but mostly i just want you both to have fun together and that usually involves terrible jokes, whispering and lots of kissing which is what it’s all about anyway, right?



6. get your dog involved!!

if your pooch is a big part of your lives or you take them everywhere you go then bring ‘em along on the shoot! obviously this will be dependent on where we decide to go but they will act as a prop for you guys and they will likely help you to relax and create more natural photos of you all interacting.


see it’s not that scary at all is it?! I really hope this has helped you prep for your engagement photos and if you’re interested in having me photograph you and your beau for your wedding please get in touch! i want to hear from you!

much love! sophie x