Funky Home Engagement Shoot // Emily & Edd

Emily & Edd are getting married in 2019 and asked me to shoot some engagement photos of them to possibly use as save the date cards and also just so they had some new photos of them together as they said the last time they had a photoshoot was way back when they first started dating around 9 years ago and both had very different styles to today!

After a bit of creative thinking about our location options Emily suggested we do it at their home just outside of Hitchin and as she showed me the jungle print feature wall in her office I eagerly replied "YES ABSOLUTELY, LETS DO IT!!!!" You will see why in a minute.

It was a typical British rainy Sunday when we had the engagement shoot, much to our dismay as the couple said that when the sun is shining the house gets really lovely and unique light pouring in through their windows but such is life and we created some awesome shots with the soft light we got anyway! 

If you're thinking about having an engagement shoot, get in touch and we can get creative!

Soph xx