Natalie - Actor Headshots

Natalie oot interiors, still life, products, lifestyle, commercial, weddings, fashion and beauty editorials and street photography and as I do and learn more I realise that the subject I still love to shoot most is people! So of course when Natalie approached me a few weeks ago about whether I shoot actor headshots I of course said yes yes yes!

She is getting back into acting after a few years off, she studied drama when she was in her teens but wants to pursue it again and therefore needed some cracking images of her face to show to casting directors and schools!

Now while I am perfectly comfortable photographing people, actor headshots are still a little bit of a challenge for a me as a portrait photographer and that's only because in my portrait (and fashion) work I will usually try to capture some of the surrounding location in which my subject is standing to give context and add interest. On the contrary, headshots involve capturing a person - and only them - as naturally as possible, on their best day, in their best mood, with no big distractions in the background (or on their face - i'm talking to you spots!) all while still being as creative as possible. I chose a cafe in my home town as our location as I knew it had a floor to ceiling window letting in a huge amount of GORGEOUS natural light and a good ambient lamp situation going on in there to create an interesting yet undisruptive backdrop. Boom!

I am super happy with the results we got and I wish you all the best in your acting adventure Natalie!