35mm film street photography

I have recently rediscovered my love for film photography. I have two brilliant 35mm Canon cameras one which first belonged to my grandpa and is so beautifully vintage (and bloody heavy!) and the other is a Canon automatic which was my Mums and I love taking it out with me on street photography days where I just wonder about for hours with a few rolls of film, as it is so light. With only 24 or 36 images on each roll of film and no way to see whether the image is over or under exposed by looking at a screen, using film really pushes you to be more meticulous and forward thinking when creating a photo instead of the 'lazyness' of digital and I really love that.

I also love waiting to see how the photos turn out or if they even come out at all haha!

Here is a selection of images i've taken recently on my travels to Malta, Venice and in and around London - It is extremely easy for me to be judgemental of my photography work as a creative so this has been an opportunity to just enjoy taking photos and not worry about how they turned out and these are all unedited :)

Let me know what you think!

Sophie Lake