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Documentary Wedding Photography

For couples in love in London and beyond!

You should create your wedding exactly as you want it!
Whether that means throwing traditions out altogether and hosting a wedding rave with a drag cabaret line up or simply popping to the local Town Hall for an intimate ceremony and to the pub for pints or going BIG by celebrating at a grand Manor House and creating a cocktail lounge entirely dedicated to your cat! True story!

The choice is entirely yours, but what shouldn’t go amiss is great documentary photography that captures all the feelings and the fun that comes with this beautiful celebration of love! It’s my job to bottle up the magical moments, big and small – the feeling of being surrounded by your loved ones, all there to celebrate YOU, in all your wonder and glory.

Whilst you’re making memories, I’m there to make them last.

nice to meet you

London Wedding Photographer


My name is Sophie, and I love a good wedding!

I’m a London Wedding Photographer based in Hackney and each year my relaxed attitude towards taking wedding photos allows me to work with modern couples across the UK and internationally who are doing things their own way.

Being involved in a wedding celebration gives me such a buzz because I just love being in the thick of the emotions and fun that arise on a wedding day and there is so much joy to capture! I enjoy being around people and I’m a massive romantic at heart – you’ll likely catch me crying behind the camera during the speeches!

If you’re looking for someone enthusiastic to get on board with all your ideas and who can capture the feel of your day with an unobtrusive, story telling approach, then have a look around and see why that’s me!


London Wedding Photographer

nice to meet you

I’m Sophie, a super relaxed London wedding photographer! I take photos for awesome, modern couples in love across London, the UK and internationally.

If you’re looking for someone enthusiastic to get on board with all your ideas and who can capture the feel of your day with an unobtrusive, story telling approach, then have a look around and see why that’s me!

“Booking Sophie was probably the best decision we made for the whole day.”


– Lucy & Brian

Far from being ‘just the photographer’ at your wedding, I’ll be on hand to help out with buttonholes, tying ties, providing a sewing kit for any clothing disasters and a provider of good vibes – your personal hype woman, if you will. And you can bet I’ll be getting down on the dancefloor with you!

My mission is to slip in just like a friend (but one who’s really good with a camera) and document what’s going on around me without impacting the day but still bringing heaps of energy and creative spirit come rain or shine! Making sure there’s nothing for you to worry about whilst you’re eating jacket potatoes and lemon meringue pie and celebrating with your people!

From the nervous excitement of prep to the ridiculous moves on the dancefloor, I’ll always be at the heart of it all to capture you and your loved ones as you are in the moment.

If you’re not quite convinced I’m the photographer for you, then just click the button below and I’ll tell you more about how it works!


micro weddings

kind words

"Every photo made us smile."

“OMG! These are amazing. We love them! The photos really capture how happy and vibrant the day was – we love how colourful they are and there are some absolute corkers of our guests. Every photo made us smile and brought back all the best moments. We can’t thank you enough! You were so much fun to work (and party!) with and we’ll be recommending you to anyone we know looking to get married!”

– Laura & FeRG

"They are all so perfect."

“OMG Sophie they are AMAZING! Thank you so much – it is really really hard to decide which ones we love the most as they all are so perfect and I am so, so happy we found you to share this day with us!”

– Veronika & Joel

"Genuinely couldn't be happier."

“You’ve absolutely made our weekend sending these through, we love them! You guys did such an amazing job, we genuinely couldn’t be happier with the pictures and cannot wait to get some of our faves printed off to put up around the flat! Thank you for everything – in particular making an experience we were dreading (as we’re both quite camera shy) feel easy and comfortable! Thanks again!”

– Emma & Matt

Let's get this party started!

Should we work together?

Firstly, if you’ve made it down this far on my homepage then well done, I know we all have very low attention spans these days and secondly, you should now see just how much I love creating vibrant and colourful wedding photography and just how much I want your personalities to shine through in your photos! I want you to look like you and I’m sure you do too!

I cover London and all of the South East of the UK but I will absolutely travel further afield for your wedding if you’ll have me.

I take on around 25 large weddings for each year and then always have lots of availability for micro weddings throughout the week, however the most popular summer dates can fill up 12 months in advance so if you want to make sure I’m available for your day, please get in touch as soon as possible to tell me about your big ideas.

My bookings are open for the next 2 years and I would be thrilled to hear from you!